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Claudia-Steluta Martis was born in 1967 in Macin, Romania. She started her university studies in 1985 at the Polytechnic Institute in Cluj-Napoca and she graduated Electrical Engineering in 1990. After three years working as engineer at SINTEROM SA Cluj-Napoca, she joined the Chair of Electrical Machines, Marketing and Management, at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, first as associated assistant and, since 1996, as full time teaching and research assistant. In 1994 she enrolled also as PhD student at the same Chair, under the coordination of professor Karoly-Agoston Biro. She graduated in 2001 after the public defense of the PhD thesis entitled: "Contributions to the study of doubly-salient permanent magnet reluctance machines". Currently she is full professor at the Department of Electrical Machines and Drives, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and head of the Electromechanical Systems Group. In August 2014 she defended the habilitation thesis entitled “Electrical machines in electromechanical systems for sustainable development” and currently she is the supervisor of 4 PhD students.


Electrical Machines 1

is one of the mandatory disciplines dedicated to the 2nd year students of Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The course teaches the constructive and operating principles of the classical electrical machines and power transformers giving the students the tools for understanding of the phenomena and interactions and includes examples from current research.

Sustainable development in Electrical Engineering

gives to the 2nd year students of the Master program on Advanced Electrical Structures and Systems an understanding of the key challenges and pathways to sustainable development and the role and tasks of Electrical Engineering in following and implementing sustainable development principles in transport and energy.

Testing and diagnosis in mechatronic systems

presents to the 2nd year students of the Master program in Control and monitoring in Electrical Engineering techniques, procedures and methods for testing and diagnosis of mechatronic systems during the whole life cycle, from design and development, to operation and maintenance.

Industrial Systems Maintenance

is an optional course for the 4th year bachelor students in Electrical Engineering, Power Systems and Engineering&Economics. The course teaches the most common maintenance and diagnosis tests and tools for electrical equipment and electrical machines and drives.


    - optimal design, modeling and analysis of electrical machines;

    - electromechanical systems for sustainable applications (transport and energy);

    - advanced analysis and identification methods and techniques for electrical machines and electromechanical systems;

    - testing, condition monitoring and diagnosis of electrical machines and drives and electromechanical systems.


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