Design and building of IGBT based flexible power converters, up to 8 phases

The goal of this equipment is to have a flexible power supply for any kind of electric machines, N-phase AC machine, switched reluctance machines and DC machines. In the pictures one converter with 4 separate legs is depicted. Two such converters are built to obtain a total o 8 legs, configurable in any desired way. Each leg has its own separate driver and its own separate current sensor.

The DC link is charged either from an external power supply by rectifying the 3 phase grid with a timed precharging resistive protection.




The conltol of the power inverters is accomplished by a general purpose inverter controller (GPIC), a tool from National Instruments. The code for the control is done with LabVIEW FPGA, based on the SPARTAN6 type of FPGA mounted on the controller


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