Electrical engineering became lately an extremely changeling, captivating and widely spread field of activity, involving from simple physical phenomenon to extremely complex interdisciplinary activities.

My task is to pass over my knowledge the students that attend my classes and accomplish the requirements of a motivated mentor. Involving all the technical skills that I have acquired during the years of my Master, PhD. and Post Doctoral studies in teaching and in research offered the possibility to become the young academic mentor that I am today.

  • Teaching activity:

    Practical applications for Electrical Machines I and II courses.
    I teach the System Integration course, laboratory and semester project.

  • Research activity :
    I am involved at the moment as researcher in several national and international projects, involving cooperation with companies from Belgium, Germany and Romania.

I am continuously interested in elevating my skills being always involved in research tasks and developing new teaching materials, updated and completed for reaching the expectations of my students.